Healthcare for the UK traveller

Take the worry out of travel with healthcare for the UK traveller. Enjoy your own private GP for home or workplace visits and 24-hour medical support.

Healthcare for the UK traveller Membership Fees

No two people are the same. Which means that no two private healthcare cover can be the same either.
At Artius Medic, we assess each member on a person by person basis, making sure that you have the specific cover and care that is right for you, your travel requirements and general wellbeing.
We also make sure that your medical cover has no hidden costs or surprises.
Your monthly membership fees are fully inclusive of visits, consultancy and medical fees, and any medications provided. There are also no charges for any private prescriptions, communications or referrals, if needed.

Contact us to discuss your particular requirements and to receive your unique medical cover. Ring 24/7 on +44 20 3343 1031, use the form below.

Corporate Healthcare Membership

We are also happy to provide membership for businesses – from on-site clinics and testing, annual vaccination programmes and general around the clock advice. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Apply through our network of associated insurance companies. Contact your insurer, or contact us directly to add us to your insurance.

Membership application