Private healthcare done right

A private healthcare and medical concierge service for the traveller to the UK, catering for the individuals, families and corporate clients. We can either work with you directly, or via your insurance company.

A new type of private healthcare for visitors to the UK

Artius Medic is a team of medical professionals. We offer private healthcare for visitors to the UK. With access to a range of private medical facilities and services, as well as the full support of the NHS.

Your health and wellbeing during your time in the UK is our number one priority. You can see the range of services we offer here and the principles upon which we are founded.

A new private healthcare for busy people and travellers

Our modern lives are busy and travel is no exception. We want to make the most of our time when travelling, so when illness or accidents strike, the last thing we want is to be inconvenienced for too long.

Our service recognises the need for fast, professional and discreet relationship between you and the medical practitioners dealing with you – delivering a service when you want it and wherever you want it.

Sorting your medical issues at a pace that suits you

But speed is the one thing you won’t experience when you sit down with your dedicated medical professional. All appointments are taken at a pace right for you. No rushed or pressured meetings with Artius Medic. With our doctors, you have all the time in the world to sort out your medical issues, so you can explore the world, pain and discomfort free.