Medical concierge services for the traveller to London and the UK

Looking after you and your party with the very best in one to one private GP services, whenever you travel to London and the UK

Welcome to Artius Medic, the number one medical concierge, traveller and premium one to one health care service in the UK.

Artius Medic’s medical concierge services covers a wide range of health care needs for the traveller to the United Kingdom. From fast access private GP and personal one to one care, transport and through to same day Covid tests, we can help. Our team of expert doctors can either care for you directly, or through your insurer.

Don’t leave your health to chance when travelling. Contact us today to book an appointment and for more information, or ring us on 24/7 on +44 20 3343 1031.

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Membership can be on an individual, couple, family or corporate level.

You can also use Artius Medic as a one-off emergency, via your insurer.

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or ring us 24/7 on +44 20 3343 1031.

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